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S2004/05 - SHEIKH AHMED YASSIN: Suspension of Standing Orders

Senator BOSWELL (Queensland—Leader of The Nationals in the Senate) (4.20 p.m.)
—I certainly do not support this motion coming before the Senate, and if it did come before the parliament I would certainly vote against it. However, one thing I do agree with Senator Brown on is that the continual killing on both sides is horrific and the world wants to see an end to it. But you cannot blame just one side for this; you cannot move a motion that condemns just the Israeli government. The Israelis have lost 400 people in suicide attacks in the last 3½ years. It is one thing to turn the other cheek, but how often do you have to get hit in the other cheek? Surely, with the loss of 400 people, questions have got to be asked. What do we do? How do we stop this? How do we defend our citizens? How do we stop our children being blown up in buses?

I think it is entirely inappropriate that a motion like this comes before the Senate, and I am very pleased that the Senate will not pick it up. Sheik Yassin was founder and architect of Hamas, and Hamas has been guilty of killing many Israelis. Therefore, I think a continuation of this debate is not going to help the situation. It has to be solved, but our taking sides on it in this parliament is not going to be helpful. The terms and conditions have to be reached over there. I believe the Camp David accord was put up, and then the roadmap accord was put up by the Israelis. There have been about three or four attempts to seek a peaceful solution, and they have all been rejected. So I do not think it is appropriate to come in here and condemn one side.

Senator Nettle —Or assassinate somebody. Well, it is.

Senator BOSWELL —There were 400 people assassinated. So let us have a bit of condemnation for the other side. I am very pleased that this motion will be consigned to the rubbish bin.

Question put:

That the motion (Senator Nettle's) be agreed to.

The Senate divided. [4.28 p.m.]
(The President—Senator the Hon. Paul Calvert) Ayes............ 9
Noes............ 47
Majority......... 38

Allison, L.F. * Brown, B.J.
Cherry, J.C. Greig, B.
Lees, M.H. Murray, A.J.M.
Nettle, K. Ridgeway, A.D.
Stott Despoja, N.

Barnett, G. Bishop, T.M.
Boswell, R.L.D. Brandis, G.H.
Buckland, G. Calvert, P.H.
Campbell, G. Carr, K.J.
Chapman, H.G.P. Colbeck, R.
Collins, J.M.A. Conroy, S.M.
Cook, P.F.S. Crossin, P.M.
Denman, K.J. Evans, C.V.
Ferguson, A.B. Ferris, J.M. *
Forshaw, M.G. Hogg, J.J.
Humphries, G. Hutchins, S.P.
Johnston, D. Kemp, C.R.
Kirk, L. Knowles, S.C.
Lightfoot, P.R. Ludwig, J.W.
Lundy, K.A. Macdonald, J.A.L.
Mackay, S.M. Mason, B.J.
McGauran, J.J.J. McLucas, J.E.
Moore, C. O'Brien, K.W.K.
Patterson, K.C. Payne, M.A.
Ray, R.F. Santoro, S.
Scullion, N.G. Sherry, N.J.
Stephens, U. Tchen, T.
Troeth, J.M. Watson, J.O.W.
Webber, R.

* denotes teller

Question negatived.