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“Older Australians living in Malanda and surrounding areas will benefit from a funding allocation for 11 new aged care places by the Federal Government,” Leader of the Nationals the Senate, Senator Boswell said today.

“The allocation of over $150,000 for Ozcare - Malanda will provide the necessary funding for the centre to operate 11 new residential low care places.

Senator Boswell said the residential aged care places were allocated to those applicants who demonstrated they could best meet the care needs of the aging population within a specified region.

“The new places form part of more than 8,600 places, worth in excess of $186 million, made available in the 2003- 04 Aged Care Approvals Program,” he said.

“In this allocation round, people living in rural, regional and remote areas of Queensland have had their access to aged care significantly enhanced.

“Of the 978 places allocated in this round across the State, 66% have been allocated to rural regional and remote areas.

“I congratulate local aged care providers who have responded to the on going demand for aged care facilities by applying for these new places.

“Their commitment to caring for local older residents and ability to make the approved places operational as quickly as possible has been recognised by the Federal Government.

“The estimated annual value of a residential low care place is $14, 017. A residential low care place is suitable for a resident who can live independently, but requires assistance with meals, laundry and personal care like dressing and bathing,” Senator Boswell said.


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