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The Alcan Award for Sustainability, a $US1million prize, will recognise the efforts of global not-for–profit, non governmental or civil society organisations in their quest to make our world a better place.

Launching the Alcan prize in Canberra today, Senator Ron Boswell, said through the co-operative efforts of government, at all levels, non profit organisations, industry sectors and local communities we can all work together to achieve a sustainable future.

“The Australian Government shares Alcan’s commitment to environmental social and economic sustainability, and places a high priority on an environmentally sustainable Australia,” Senator Boswell said.

“Alcan’s commitment to a sustainable future is an excellent practical example of the impact corporate citizens can have,” he said.

“Alcan operates in 66 countries and employs over 88,000 people. As a global corporate citizen, Alcan has taken the opportunity to spread the message of the importance of respecting the environment and promoting sustainability, worldwide.

“Sustainable management of our natural resources is essential to Australia’s economic life and quality of life, which is why the Prime Minister, the Hon John Howard, MP, chairs the Sustainable Environment Committee of Cabinet which brings a whole of government focus to environment issues.

“An environmentally sustainable Australia is one of our four national research priorities.

The Australian Government’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in programs such as:-

• National Heritage Trust Initiatives reaching $2.7billion by 2006 – 07;

• More than 14,000 clean up projects involving 420,000 Australians focusing on erosion, beaches, waterways, air pollution, native vegetation management and threatened species;

• The National Action Plan for Salinity and Water Quality, a $1.4 billion project to 2007-08 funded 50/50 by the States and the Australian government;

• A National Water Initiative which will improve the security of water access entitlements and ensure greater efficiency of water use through the expansion of water markets across regions and states;

• A commitment of $500 million by Australian and State governments to address the over allocation of water in our important Murray Darling basin;

• Investing one billion dollars since 1996 in tackling the challenge of climate change by supporting industry, government and community partnerships to cut emission of green house gases.”

Senator Boswell said while the Australian Government was committed to achieving an effective global solution to sustainability it was also committed to maintaining the competitiveness of Australian industry.

“I congratulate Alcan for this global initiative and its commitment to ensuring the further development and implementation of sustainable solutions for the challenges facing the world,” Senator Boswell said.

Contact: Senator Boswell’s Office 07 3001 8150

The Alcan Prize for sustainability is a $US1million prize to be awarded each year to a not-for-profit, non-governmental, or civil society organisation that is working to make our world a better place. In addition to the top prize, Alcan also has the opportunity to award up to five finalists with Alcan Busaries for a senior member of an organisations staff to attend the University of Cambridge(England) Program for Industry and earn a Post Graduate Certificate in Cross Sector Partnership.
For details regarding the Alcan Prize please call: Jennifer Shepherd 0402 314 906